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Connect with Your Home

Our Wi-Fi enabled lightpads, smart plugs and smart outlets let you control your lights and electronics from your wall switch or from anywhere in the world using your smart phone.

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Receive a Warm Welcome

Never come home to a dark house again. Our smart light switches let you set schedules so your lights come on as you drive home from work. Or you can turn on the porch light from the driveway with our mobile app.

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Wake Up with the Light

Our lightpad has a capacitive multi-touch interface, just like your phone, and it easily connects to your home Wi-Fi so you can control your lights from your phone anywhere in the world. A swipe lets you control a light or a room; a pinch lets you control the whole house. It even knows when you're approaching and the backlight will glow at night so you can find the pad easily.

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Touch the Light

Our lightpad has a capacitive multi-touch interface, just like your phone. A one-finger swipe lets you control a light or a room; or use two fingers to control all the lights in a room and a pinch as you're leaving turns out all the lights in the whole house. As you approach the lightpad, it softly glows in your choice of color so you can find it easily at night. You can even program it to glow when you get a Facebook message or if the weather changes. The choices are endless.

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Interactive Lightpad

  • Swipe with one finger to control a light
  • Swipe with two fingers to control the room
  • Pinch to control the whole house
  • Pad glows when you approach at night
  • Glow can be changed to your favorite color
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More Than a Switch  

The Plum lightpad lets you control your home lighting without the need for any additional hardware, gateway or bridge. It's a smart dimmer that's designed to fit any North American light switch receptacle with no modifications. Simply remove your current switch and wire in the lightpad with just four wires.

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Control any Dimmable Bulb

The Plum lightpad is a smart dimmer for any dimmable bulb: incandescent, CFL, fluorescent and LED. It can handle up to 600 watts for incandescent and halogen bulbs and up to 150 watts for LED and CFL bulbs.

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A Bump in the Night

If you hear a bump in the night, you can turn on all the lights in your home with a simple tap on your smartphone.

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Put Yourself at Ease While Away

Data shows the number one deterrent to residential crime is lighting. The Plum app allows you to set lighting schedules that mimic the appearance of someone being at home. You can easily program and activate an away mode that turns on and off specific lights in your home on the schedule you program.

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Easy to Install, Easy to Configure

Once installed, connecting your lightpad to your home Wi-Fi system is as simple as sending or receiving a text message. You simply answer two questions, and the Plum app will automatically add control for your lightpad

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It's Smart and Secure

The lightpad contains an high performance processor, open source API, an advanced operating system, and a full IP stack. It uses the same Wi-Fi security as the other devices on your home network including WEP, WPA and WPA2. Any information that is sent between the Plum app, the lightpad and your cloud service is securely encrypted.

Mobile App

Control Your Home from Your Phone

Our intuitive app works on your iPhone or Android phone and lets you adjust lights and set scenes. Set up the perfect lighting for watching a movie, hosting a dinner party or family game night.

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Intuitive Application

  • Easily adjust lights from your smartphone
  • Control multiple lights at the same time
  • Easily create lighting scenes
  • Manage your energy usage
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It's the Simple Things

We created a new way to control your lights and made sure to keep it simple and intuitive. The entire Plum app is gesture based so you can adjust your lights simply by sliding your finger up or down.

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Just Answer Two Questions

Connecting the Plum app to your lightpads is as easy as answering two questions: "What room is this?" and "What light is this?" From there, the app automatically adds the room and the light to your menu.

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The More the Merrier

If you install multiple Plum lightpads you can program them to operate from one button. And the Plum app will automatically add new rooms and lights when you install another lightpad in your home.

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Adjust from Anywhere

With the Plum app, you can adjust your lights from your phone anywhere you have an Internet connection. You can make it look like you're home when you're on vacation, turn on the porch light from the driveway or turn off that light you forgot before you ran out the door.

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Set the Scene; Create a Moment

The Plum app allows you to program scenes for all your lights. You can set up the perfect movie watching lighting and select that scene with a single tap every time you pop in a DVD, or if you're not a morning person you can set a morning scene where every light in the house is dimmed to the perfect level.

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Shed Light on Usage

There's an energy meter inside every Plum lightpad, smart plug and smart outlet. The Plum app allows you to track and monitor everything attached to a Plum product. So, you can find out how much it costs when you leave your porch light on all night, track which appliance takes the most energy and learn other important energy info that can save you money and reduce your electricity usage.

Smart Plugs + Outlets

Get Plugged In

Our smart plugs and smart outlets let you control the power to your electrical devices. You can turn things on and off from your phone or even dim a lamp. The Plum smart plug and smart outlet also let you measure and meter your electricity usage.

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Replace Your Dumb Outlets

  • Measure and meter your electricity usage
  • Connect your plugs to your Wi-Fi
  • Control electronics from your phone

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Plug and Play

The Plum smart plug and smart outlet connect to your home Wi-Fi network, letting you control your appliances or electronics from anywhere in the house or anywhere in the world. You can turn devices on and off from your phone as well as measure the electricity usage of any device that's plugged in.

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Smart Plug and Dimmer

Have control without having to install anything. Simply plug the Plum smart plug into any existing outlet and control it from your phone. You can set up the smart plug to either be a switch (on/off) or a dimmer. The Plum smart plug is 120v compatible, can handle up to 300 watts.

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Built for Your Wall

Each plug of the Plum smart outlet has independent metering so you can measure the power consumption of each device that's plugged in. The Plum smart outlet is designed to fit any North American wall outlet receptacle with no modifications. It is a 120v outlet that can handle loads up to 15 amps. You can finish it with a standard outlet cover that matches your décor perfectly

Meet the Team

Utz Baldwin

Co-Founder and CEO

Utz has 25 years in the connected home space. For the last five years, Utz served as CEO and Chairman of the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA). Prior to that, Utz owned a top-100 electronic system contractor, designing and installing connected home electronic systems for the rich and famous.

Glen Burchers

Co-Founder and CMO

Glen has 25 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, focusing on microprocessors for consumer electronics. He's worked at large companies like AMD and Freescale, but has spent the bulk of his time at six successful consumer technology startups.

Rich Warwick


Rich is an operations and engineering executive with over 20 year of experience bringing technology products to market. He has background in multiple disciplines which makes him an ideal leader for this complex project. Rich has an impeccable track record for bringing products to market on time and on budget.